hopper bsb 2011

There are many motor racing videos on the world-wide web that have the ability to capture my attention for far longer that I initially intend. YouTube is a dangerous thing and I’ve lost many hours watching clips of immense NASCAR crashes, Formula One battles, overtakes and any footage of Gilles Villeneuve or Ayrton Senna thrashing a car to within an inch of disaster.

There is one video clip that I will never tire of and it’s footage of the last lap-and-a-bit of the British Superbike final of 2011 – the championship decider. I watched it live and with the excitement, tension and determined will for John Hopkins to win I failed to appreciate the enthusiastic passion of the two commentators – Jack Burnicle and James Whitham – as well as just what a titanic battle it was.

The video is below and it focuses on the battle for second in the final race of the year. It’s between Surrey-born Tommy Hill and Southern Californian John ‘Hopper’ Hopkins; quite simply, the one that finishes ahead would be crowned champion and to this day I watch it convinced that one of them will fall and I’m amazed at the skill both riders demonstrate. What’s more remarkable is that the enthusiasm of the commentary pair seems to cause Jack and James to come closer to having an accident than the riders on track.

The year-long battle Hill and Hopkins had endured comes down to just 0.006 seconds so watch it, enjoy and discover why I love the sport. Just try not to lose too much time from your day watching it over and over again…I already have.


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