A short word on the much missed Marco Simoncelli…

This is the year when we’ll really miss Marco. His dramatic and premature death at the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2011 was a shock to the motor racing world and he has been sorely missed at every MotoGP meeting since. 2012 would have seen him aboard a factory Honda and surely take that illusive maiden victory, but 2013 should be Marco’s year.

A second year on the factory Honda would have surely seen him tackle the established riders with his eccentric style both on and off the bike. It’s the year Marco was aiming for to take his maiden title and few would have bet against it – he was getting better and better with every twist of the throttle and lean of the bike.

Fate intervened that miserable day in Malaysia and robbed us of a superb rider and a superb season for the Italian with the heart and hair of a lion. Simoncelli will continue to be missed and whoever wins the 2013 title should consider themselves fortunate they didn’t have to beat Marco – because I truly doubt they would have.



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