WILKS-THRUXTON   Like it or not – and despite what the latest Nationwide Bank advert says – money makes the world go round. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of sport – motor sport in particular.

Talent alone, sadly, is no longer sufficient to succeed in motor racing, although it is still a necessary ingredient. The need for sponsorship grows greater with each passing racing season as money buys the best, most reliable equipment, allowing the talent that guides it to truly express itself.

In a sport where sponsorship plays such a key role, young racers and race teams are gradually exploring more intriguing ways to entice would-be sponsors willing to contribute financially in exchange for the added exposure of their company or brand.

There’s no more exciting prospect however, than to be involved in this way with an up-and-coming motorbike racer – a leather-suited talent with the ambition and ability to transcend the sport in his native country and possibly at international level too.

It just so happens that there is a prime opportunity for individuals or companies to exploit such a thing; to benefit not only the racer but their own brand too. Kyle Wilks, the Southampton based racer who features heavily on these pages, seeks sponsorship…

In order to equip himself with machinery befitting his talent, Kyle and the Wilks Racing outfit require serious backing. The benefits for Kyle are obvious, but what would a sponsor get out of having their name or logo on Kyle’s deeply impressive 1000cc Kawasaki Superstock?

For a start the opportunity allows one to experience the high-speed world of motor racing from behind the scenes; to see your name, brand or logo flash by as it adorns the machine that thrills the watching crowd – a crowd often topping 40,000 in numbers. Or simply taste what motor sport hospitality has to offer whilst Kyle Wilks does the hard work, succeeding on track as he promotes your brand; it’s difficult to forget the name or logo that flanks such exquisite machinery as it leans and speeds toward seemingly impossible figures.DSC01931

It also presents the opportunity to be associated with the fresh, young talent that is Kyle Wilks – a racer that many will be keeping their eye on, leaving the on-looker no choice but to keep an eye on his leather-decorating sponsors too.

Kyle is a racer with a deep-rooted confidence in his own ability; a confidence void of any trace of arrogance. It all equates to Kyle being a very likeable person, a person who presents a remarkable opportunity for any individual, company or brand to exploit his talent and gain exposure.

If the opportunity excites or appeals to you, you can get in touch via this blog, or directly with Wilks Racing at http://www.wilksracing.co.uk. If you can’t help financially or see no benefit to you in sponsoring Kyle, then feel free to follow Wilks Racing via Facebook and Twitter and show your support by cheering him on each race weekend.


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