WILKS-THRUXTONMotor racing is an intensely intimidating world; to those immersed in it, the constant pressures – political, financial and sporting – can verge on the unbearable. For those trying to forge their way into the sport, those pressures only ever seem to be worse. The thrills and rewards can be staggering, of course, but anyone deserving of them must work for it. And work hard.

A degree of natural talent needs to be present also, but good old-fashioned hard work is the defining ingredient to making it in the most daunting and competitive of arenas. Or is it?

If it were, I dare say Kyle Wilks would be a multiple race winner by now, set on a direct trajectory toward the pinnacle of his sport, but one more thing must be present to aid any young talent in their quest – money!

It’s no secret that money makes the motor sport world revolve, and it would be foolish to ignore or deny it. For Kyle Wilks, it’s become more relevant and necessary now than ever before.

Last year Kyle raced for the Tsingtao Racing Kawasaki squad in the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 championship, where his season was marred by a myriad of mechanical misfortunes. Now though, in a deeply admirable move, the Wilks Racing family have gone it alone!

The motorbike remains a 1000cc Kawasaki – built and prepared by MSS Performance, the premier Kawasaki performance outfit in the country. The hunting ground remains the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship but the banner above the door reads Wilks Racing Kawasaki.


It’s a brave decision, one that stands as testament to the dedication the Wilks family have in proving Kyle’s talent. That dedication goes hand-in-hand with the hard work the entire team will put in over the coming season, and Kyle’s talent and skill on the ‘bike remains undiminished; all that’s needed is the right backing, people with the vision to see what sponsoring an ambitious family-run outfit can offer both parties.

Kyle’s campaign begins on Easter weekend at Donington Park’s Grand Prix circuit, a track he knows well. It will host the first chapter in the next stage of Kyle and Wilks Racing’s career and it will be fascinating to follow the team throughout their first year going it alone!

I’ll be writing more during 2015 about Wilks Racing’s adventures but you can also learn more about the team on their website http://www.wilksracing.co.uk/, and you can even donate toward their cause via the team’s homepage.


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