About Me

Welcome to Venn Motor Sport!

I’m an ‘armchair racer’ whose blogs are born from the frustration of being too fat and talentless to be a real racing driver; following the mantra ‘those who can’t do, write about it’ and surrounded by friends who are bored of me talking about all things motor racing. From the British Touring Car Championship to Formula One, British Superbikes to MotoGP I’ll blog about whatever takes my fancy, and it’s always motor sport…

Call me a one-trick pony but motor racing is my sole interest, my passion and writing about it comes naturally, gives me a buzz and keeps me off the streets…or at least out of the fridge…

I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting Venn Motor Sport; feel free to leave comments, share my blogs on Facebook or Twitter or just read them for yourselves. Also, follow me on Twitter @VennMotorSport…


– Craig Venn




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